Jewelry Appraisals

Have you ever wondered what some of your old gold and jewelry are worth? If so, a trip to Pittman Jewelers may help you find out. In addition to selling fine luxury jewelry items, we also offer jewelry and insurance appraisals. We can help you appraise your old or unwanted jewelry and gold to see how much money your items may be worth. Turn your unwanted jewelry, gold, and Rolex watches into cash, or better yet, use it towards a new jewelry piece you’ll like more.

Free Ring Cleaning and Inspection

Routine ring cleanings and inspections are done to preserve the condition, beauty, and value of diamond rings and jewelry. Whether you’re getting a ring cleaned for a special occasion or you need a diamond ring inspected for impurities and imperfections, we can assist you in restoring your ring to a beautiful shine. We also offer complimentary ring cleanings and inspections to pre-owned jewelry.

Watch and Jewelry Repair

At Pittman Jewelers, we understand the importance, value, and symbolism behind many   jewelry pieces. We take care to restore and repair watches, rings, chains, and other items to their original beauty and function. All our repairs are done on the premises by experienced, qualified watch and jewelry repair technicians. We do this to ensure the quality and safety of your items.

Additional Services

Sell Your Rolex Watches

In addition to selling beautiful pieces of jewelry, we also purchase old, used, or unwanted jewelry, such as Rolex watches. If you have an old hand-me-down Rolex watch that you don’t use or would like some extra cash, we can offer you a fair price for your item and unburden you of your unwanted jewelry. For more information on how to trade your Rolex watch in for cash, contact us today or come visit us at our store.

Sell your Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Platinum

There’s always a market for precious stones and metals. Jewelry containing diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum are always in high demand and yield high value when trading or selling. If you would like to sell your diamond, gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, we are happy to assist you. We will offer you a fair price for your jewelry in exchange for cash that you can use right away. You get more money in your wallet, and we get materials to repurpose into new jewelry. Everybody wins!

Custom Ring Design

Pittman Jewelers is all about helping our customers find the ring of their dreams. We want our rings to match the beauty and elegance of the person wearing it, so we offer customizable rings in variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. With a large inventory of diamond rings and many styles to choose from, we know that you will find the perfect ring, and best of all, it’s tailored just for you! We offer flexible financing and layaway options, and most rings are ready for pickup in less a week. Contact us for more information on our custom ring designs.